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Computing is an integral part of the national curriculum and is a key skill for everyday life. We aim for all of our pupils to be digitally literate by using a range of tools and equipment, allowing them to express and develop their ideas and preparing them for future life in an ever changing, digital world.  We want our children to embrace technology and be highly knowledgeable in all three key areas of the computing curriculum: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. 


We aim to provide our children with a range of opportunities that allow them to apply their knowledge creatively, in all areas of the curriculum, and know that there are a number of ways to access and use technology. 


E-safety is given a high priority throughout school where the children are taught to be responsible digital citizens. Our parents are also supported in guiding their children within the safe use of the internet, games, apps and social media through the latest advice, links and supporting documents. 


By the end of KS2, we hope for our children to have the independence and confidence in using technology to best suit their needs and be able to choose the tools needed to fulfill any task. 







At Anthony Bek, we use Purple Mash as a foundation for learning within the computing curriculum which we then build on using external apps and programs. We believe the children should have access to high quality hardware and software to support them in learning the key skills needed to use ICT effectively. Our wide range of physical and virtual resources supports them in achieving this and can be seen in the photos below. 


We follow the units of Purple Mash but have adapted the order of them to suit the rest of our curriculum. There are a number of units within the Purple Mash curriculum that work alongside some of our other topics. 


Each class has a designated computing session each week to complete the Purple Mash lessons. 2dos for each lesson are set by the teacher and are then completed and handed in by the children. On top of this, we encourage our staff to use technology across our broad curriculum to help embed the skills and knowledge needed. 

Computing overview 2023-24

Year Group Overviews- Taken from Purple Mash


Progress of our computing curriculum is achieved through the outcomes of Purple Mash 2dos. Once these are handed in through the programme, staff are able to track the children's achievements and see each individual piece of work for evidence of skills and knowledge. Staff are responsible for recording the coverage of progress and completing of lessons, through a year group document. 


We encourage our children to use technology as part of a balanced lifestyle. Through our teaching, we aim to teach children how effective technology can be and when is the right time to use it. We want learners to reflect, discuss and value the impact computing has on their learning and development.