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Stars of the Week

Every week I choose one child from Key Stage 2 and one child from Key Stage One and Foundation Stage to be my 'Stars of the Week'. I choose them for many reasons such as their work, their effort, their kindness and helpfulness- whatever reason they have stood out for during the week.

The children receive a Star of the Week badge or pencil (they choose) and a certificate. They also get to look after our school mascots (Ant and Bek!). The chosen few also get their name added onto our homepage on the website when they are the Stars and get added into this hall of fame.

Take a look at the children who have been the Stars so far!


Mrs. Johnson


Friday 13th July 2018
Picture 1 Kye P Reception
Picture 2 Abbie S Y5
Picture 3 Corey B Y5
Friday 15th June 2018
Picture 1 Zak B Reception
Picture 2 Jaymie-Leigh W Y5
Friday 4th May 2018
Picture 1 Olivia C Y2
Picture 2 Paige R Y6
Picture 3 Megan J Y6
Friday 23rd March 2018
Picture 1 Tyler S Y2
Picture 2 Jax Y3
Friday 9th March 2018
Picture 1 Jakub Dzideczek Y5
Picture 2 Oliver Wojtaszewski Y6
Picture 3 Jack Smith-Foyster Y2
Friday 16th February 2018
Picture 1 Ralphie Hickson Y1
Picture 2 Charmaine Wagstaff Y3
Friday 9th February 2018
Picture 1 Jak Kirkham Y2
Picture 2 Wiktoria Nowicka Y5
Friday 2nd February 2018
Picture 1 Bella Rodrigues Y2
Picture 2 Grace Steel Y5
Friday 26th January 2018
Picture 1 Isaac Phillips FS2
Picture 2 Paiton Sisson Y3
Picture 3 Sienna Barker Y6
Friday 19th January 2018
Picture 1 Tiarnii Thompson Y2
Picture 2 Conner Young Y5
Friday 12th January 2018
Picture 1 Abigail Stevenson-Stocks Y6
Picture 2 Holly Allen Y2
Friday 5th January 2018
Picture 1 George Lack Y1
Picture 2 Maison Fay Y6
Friday 15th December 2017
Friday 1st December 2017
Picture 1 Lily Cann Y6
Picture 2 Sammie-Jo Walton Y2
Friday 24th November 2017
Picture 1 Bobby Haskard Y2
Picture 2 George Winder Y5
Friday 10th November 2017
Picture 1 Trinity Plant Y4
Picture 2 Katelyn Stevens Y2
Friday 3rd November 2017
Picture 1 Jessica Burlinson Y5
Picture 2 Jessie Swain Y2
Friday 20th October 2017
Picture 1 Mckenzie Morley Y5
Picture 2 Alfie Kerley Y1
Friday 13th October 2017
Picture 1 Isaac Phillips FS2
Picture 2 Chloe Kerley Y3
Friday 6th October 2017
Picture 1 Connor James Y3
Picture 2 Noah Sheppard Y2
Friday 29th September 2017
Picture 1 Travis Pitchford Y1
Picture 2 Brooke Deakin Y4
Friday 22nd September 2017
Picture 1 Riley Byard Y2
Picture 2 Kody Morley Y3
Friday 15th September 2017
Picture 1 Evie Rowland Y6
Picture 2 Finley Rowland Y3
Picture 3 Emily Roland Y2
Friday 8th September 2017
Picture 1 Amber Howell Reception
Picture 2 Jessica Gilling Y3
Friday 14th July 2017
Picture 1 Harry McMinn Y1
Picture 2 Kacper Bartosik Y3
Friday 7th July 2017
Picture 1 Trinity Belshaw-Dovey Y2
Friday 30th June 2017
Picture 1 Alicia Place Y6
Picture 2 Leah Peterson Y1
Friday 9th June 2017
Picture 1 Ethan Widdowson Y6
Picture 2 Ashton Smith-Thorpe-Reception
Friday 19th May 2017
Picture 1 Harry McMinn Y1
Picture 2 Kacper Bartosik Y4
Friday 9th May 2017
Picture 1 Elexis Steel Y6
Picture 2 Warren Place- Lidgett Y3
Friday 5th May 2017
Picture 1 Charmaine Wagstaff Y2
Picture 2 Holly Burlinson Y6
Friday 28th April 2017
Picture 1 Sammie-Jo Walton Y1
Picture 2 Lucas Cooper Y4
Friday 7th April 2017
Picture 1 Dante Wagstaff FS2
Picture 2 Sonny Farnsworth Y6
Friday 31st March 2017
Picture 1 Courtney Stevenson Y3
Picture 2 Lucy Lawton Y1
Friday 24th March 2017
Picture 1 Amber Poxson Y6
Picture 2 Connor James Y2
Friday 17th March 2017
Picture 1 Holly Allen Y1
Picture 2 Louie Richards Y5
Friday 10th March 2017
Picture 1 Indya Marshall-Sussenbach- Y6
Picture 2 Megan Pilmore- Reception
Friday 3rd March 2017
Picture 1 Neeve Roper- Y3
Picture 2 Archie Kirby- Y2
Friday 24th February 2017
Picture 1 Kira Proctor Y6
Picture 2 Melissa Bird Y6
Picture 3 Bobby Haskard Y1
Friday 10th February 2017
Picture 1 Jaylen Vernon Reception
Picture 2 Henley Hodgkinson Y3
Picture 3 Sienna Barker Y5
Friday 6th January 2017
Picture 1 Abigail Lewin Y6
Picture 2 Lucy Lawton Y1
Friday 16th December 2016
Picture 1 Leah Houghton Y6
Picture 2 Lena Dzideczek Y2
Friday 9th December 2016
Picture 1 Lilly McGuire Y6
Picture 2 Ryan Steel Y2

Friday 2nd December 2016

Picture 1 Jacob Cane Y2
Picture 2 Ruby Smith Y5
Picture 3 Jessie Swain Y1
Friday 25th November 2016
Picture 1 Teddy Swain Y6
Picture 2 Joshua Deakin Y1
Picture 3 Lleyton Billingham Y5
Friday 18th November 2016
Picture 1 Iysha Freeman Y2
Picture 2 Codey Osborne Y5
Picture 3 Ashton Smith-Thorpe FS2
Friday 11th November 2016
Picture 1 Paige Walton Y1
Picture 2 Marcie James Y6
Friday 4th November 2016
Picture 1 Jaymie-Leigh Walton Y4
Picture 2 Kody Morley Y2
Friday 21st October 2016
Picture 1 Ralphie Hickson FS2
Picture 2 Jessica Shickell Y6
Friday 14th October
Picture 1 Kyle Kirkham Y2
Picture 2 Grace Steel Y4
Friday 7th October 2016
Picture 1 Oliver Bollington Y3
Picture 2 J.T Fletcher Y5
Picture 3 Shaya-Lei Kirby Y1
Friday 30th September 2016
Picture 1 Alfie Everett Y3
Friday 23rd September 2016
Picture 1 Sherriton Jones Y6
Picture 2 Noah Sheppard Y1
Friday 16th September 2016
Picture 1 Oliver Clarke Y4
Picture 2 Francesca Head FS2
Friday 9th September 2016
Picture 1 Brooklyn Bennett Y6
Picture 2 Finley Hodgkinson Y5
Picture 3 Mia Poxson Y4
Picture 4 Trinity Plant Y3
Picture 5 Daniel Young Y2
Picture 6 Sharley-Rai Sisson Y1
Picture 7 Zack Barsby FS2
15th July 2016
Picture 1 Zuzanna Zajdzinska Y6
Picture 2 Emma Ireland Y6
8th July 2016
Picture 1 Paige Allen Y5
Picture 2 Jagoda Bartosik Y3
Friday 1st July 2016
Picture 1 Billy Dando Y6
Picture 2 Zoe Stevenson-Stocks Y2
20th June 2016
Picture 1 Harley Cousner Y5
Picture 2 Kenzie Brazier Y2
13th June 2016
Picture 1 Abbie Steel Y3
Picture 2
Thursday 26th May 2016
Picture 1 Jake Needham Y2
Picture 2 Amber Poxson Y5
Friday 20th May 2016
Picture 1 Warren Place-Lidgett Y2
Picture 2 Kacper Bartosik Y3
Friday 13th May 2016
Picture 1 Joshua Deakin FS2
Picture 2 Charlie Jones Y6
Friday 6th May 2016
Friday 29th April 2016
Picture 1 George Winder Y3
Friday 22nd April 2016
Picture 1 Bailey Cornell Y6
Picture 2 Emmie Newton Y3
Picture 3 Zack Mellish Reception
Friday 15th April 2016
Picture 1 Brooke Deakin Y2
Picture 2 Harley Cousner Y5
Thursday 24th March 2016
Picture 1 Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics' team
Picture 2 Jacob Cane Y1
Friday 18th March 2016
Picture 1 Thomas Phillips Y3
Picture 2 Jack Smith-Foyster FS2
Friday 11th March 2016
Picture 1 Billy Briggs Y6
Friday 4th March 2016
Picture 1 Joel Webster Y6
Friday 26th February 2016
Picture 1 Jaymie-Leigh Walton Y3
Friday 12th February 2016
Picture 1 Lukasz Bartosik Y6
Picture 2 Cameron Bingley Y6
Picture 3 Allanah Daws Y2
Friday 5th February 2016
Picture 1 Karla Reders Y1
Picture 2 Finley Hodgkinson Y3
Friday 29th January 2016
Picture 1 Lily Yates Y2
Picture 2 Paige Allen Y6
Friday 22nd January 2016
Picture 1 Rhys Parsons Y1
Picture 2 Holly Burlinson Y5
Friday 15th January 2016
Picture 1 Oliver Shaw Y1
Picture 2 Brodie Carr Y3
Friday 8th January 2016
Picture 1 Harry McMinn Reception
Picture 2 Joshua Lewin Y3
Friday 18th December 2015
Picture 1 Jenna Shaw Y3
Picture 2 Kaycee Bonsall Y2
11th December
Picture 1 Katelyn Stevens Reception
Picture 2 Kacper Bartosik Y3
Picture 3 Bella Parkin Y4
Picture 4 Grace Nussey Y6
Picture 5 Tilly Starkey Y2
Picture 6 Elexis Steel Y5
Picture 7 Jake Jones Y2
Picture 8 Trystan Keigher Y4
Picture 9 Luzia Cane Y2
Picture 10 Thomas Phillips Y3
6th November 2015
Picture 1 Demi-Leigh Gregory (Y5)
Picture 2 Alfie Everett (Y2)
Picture 3 Sharley-Rai Sisson (Reception)
Friday 23rd October 2015
Picture 1 Joel Webster (Y6)
Picture 2 Holly Allen (FS2)
Picture 3 Leland Bennett (Y1)
Friday 16th October 2015
Picture 1 Kaiden Briggs (Y3)
Picture 2 Natalia Zajdzinska (Y2)
Friday 9th October 2015
Picture 1 Kadi Hikin (Y4)
Picture 2 Ezara Shaw (Y2)
Friday 2nd October 2015
Picture 1 Ruby Smith (Y4)
Picture 2 Lena Dzideczek (Y1)
Friday 25th September 2015
Picture 1 Harley Cousner (Y5)
Picture 2 Jessie Swain (Reception)
Friday 18th September 2015
Picture 1 Billy Briggs (Year 5)
Picture 2 Leah Peterson (Reception)
Friday 11th September 2015
Picture 1 Charlie Jones (Y6)
Picture 2 Jake Jones (Y2)
Friday 17th July
Picture 1 Kaiden Briggs Y2
Picture 2 George Smith-Grout Y6
Picture 3 Morgan Jones y6
Friday 10th July
Picture 1 Maddi Lewis Y6
Picture 2 William Ford Y1
Picture 1 Madison Proctor Y6
Picture 2 Adam Bird Y6
Picture 3 Kia Brentnall-Yorke

Friday 3rd July 2015

Leland Bennett (Reception)                                                                   Grace Nussey (Y5)

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 26th June

Jessica Clarkson (Y6)                                                                    Joshua Lewin (Y2)


Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 19th June

Grace Deville (Y3)                                     Natalia Zajdinska  (Y1)

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 12th June

Paisley Andrews                      Tallulah Jackson

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 5th June

Kacper Nowicki (Whitehall Residential Star)         Ethan Widdowson (Walesby Residential Star)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Liya Evans                                                                Wiktoria Nowicka
Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 22nd May

Louie Richards (Y3)   Lukus (Y2)

Picture 1

Friday 15th May

Leah-Paige McNevin (Y6)  Jemma Hook (Y2)

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 8th May

Codey Osborne (Y3) and Henley Hodgkinson (Y1)

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 1st May

Evie Barron (Y6) and Connor Chapman (Y2). Well done!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 24th April

Jake Bedford (Y6) and Kenzie Brazier (Y1). Well done boys!

Picture 1
Picture 2