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Meet the Staff

Teaching Staff
Picture 1 Mrs. Donna-Marie Johnson- Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs. Claire Smith- Deputy Headteacher - Y6 Teacher
Picture 3 Miss.Jemma Galbraith- SENCO- Y2 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs. Nichola Miles- Y5 Teacher
Picture 5 Miss. Michelle Marriott- Y5 Teacher
Picture 6 Mr. Darren Cutt- Y4Teacher
Picture 7 Miss. Joanne Appleton- Y3 Teacher
Picture 8 Miss. Charlotte Casley-Y1 Teacher
Picture 9 Miss. Naomi Renshaw - Nursery Teacher
Picture 10 Miss Paige Harrison- Reception Teacher
Administration Staff
Picture 1 Mrs. Beverley Morley- School Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs. Jeanet Mckenzie- School Business Assistant
Picture 3 Mrs. Michelle Swain- School Business Assistant
Teaching and Learning Assistants
Picture 1 Mrs. Jo Holmes- Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 2 Mrs. Katie Bowler- Nursery (HLTA)
Picture 3 Mrs. Adele Standring- Y6 (HLTA)
Picture 4 Mrs. Joy Winstanley- Y2 (HLTA)
Picture 5 Miss. Kalie Leverton- Reception (HLTA)
Picture 6 Mrs. Dawn Clayton- Reception (HLTA)
Picture 7 Mrs. Amanda Thurman- Y1
Picture 8 Mrs. Maria Rason- Y4/5/6.
Picture 9 Miss. Karen Monks- Nursery
Picture 10 Mrs. Sharon Hyde- Y2
Picture 11 Mrs. Julie Clarkson- Y5
Picture 12 Mrs. Lisa Winder- Y5
Picture 13 Mrs. Stacy Hand- Y1
Picture 14 Miss. Lauren Rushin- Y4
Picture 15 Miss. Stacy Johnson- Y3
Midday Supervisors
Picture 1 Miss. Sarah Kirk- Senior Midday Supervisor
Picture 2 Mrs. Sam Steel
Picture 3 Miss. Arlene Tucker
Picture 4 Miss. Josie Carr
Picture 5 Miss. Natalie Shipley
Picture 6 Mrs. Kerry James
Picture 7 Mrs. Urszula Zajdzinska
Picture 8 Mrs. Luan Lack- Relief
Picture 9 Ms Carla Downs- Relief
Cleaning and Caretaking Staff
Picture 1 Mrs. Jenny Brooks