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This year's shoe box appeal

This year's shoe box appeal 1
This year's shoe box appeal 2
This year's shoe box appeal 3

School Council 2017 /2018

Our School Council for this year. - minus one.

Our School Council for this year. - minus one. 1

This year our School Council is made up of 10 children from Key Stage One and Two

Year 6  Isobelle and Lily

Year 5 Che and Jessica B

Year 4 Tyler and Jessica G

Year 3 Connor and Chloe

Year 2 Noah and Jessie


They have lots of ideas to continue to make our school a happy place to be. Lily wants us to buy some more play equipment, Noah said that he would listen to his class if they had any ideas.

Che said that he wants to meet people from other School Councils and Jessie said she would like some colouring equipment on the Key Stage One yard.

Events coming up in the next two terms are the Shoebox appeal and Children In Need day - watch this space.

Recently the School Council have been looking at how the children can spend their Beks. We wanted a shop to sell small toys so that the children could use up any remaining Beks after they had paid for any trips that they wanted to go on.

First of all we asked the classes what they would like to buy and then we looked on the Internet to find appropriate gifts with the budget that we were given.

Once the merchandise had arrived we checked it, photographed it and worked out how many Beks each was worth.

We are now preparing an assembly to tell the rest of the school all about the new Bek shop.

Watch this space!! 

Children In Need cake sale

Children In Need cake sale 1
Children In Need cake sale 2
Children In Need cake sale 3
Children In Need cake sale 4

Anthony Bek School Council 2016 / 17

Anthony Bek School Council 2016 / 17 1

Welcome to our School Council for the new school year. smiley The children were democratically elected by their class mates after they gave a speech setting out why they wanted the job.

I am really looking forward to working with them as they have lots of ideas and enthusiasm.

Here is why they want to serve our school.


Indya - Year 6 "I wanted to be on the school Council because I have enjoyed it in the past and I love to be part of a team."

Kira - Year 6 "I adore Maths and I love working with little children. I've done School Council once before and I completely loved it."

Jessica - Year 6 "I would like to make the school better than it is already and I can't wait to work on lots of things."

Harley- Year 5/6 " I am a great listener and I'll tell you things. I'm looking forward to working as a team."

Lily - Year 5 - "I've done it before so I know what to do - I'm looking forward to leading assemblies."

Oliver - Year 4 "I'm excited because I want to help other people."

Mia - Year 4 - "I am looking forward to doing a lot. I have lots of friends."

Jake - Year 3 - "I want to share ideas and make people happy."

Luzia - Year 3 - "I want to keep play time really good fun."

Paiton - Year 2 - "I have a nice loud voice."

Connor - Year 2 - "I want to learn new things."


Our first job is to investigate starting up a school shop so that we can spend our spare Beks. this will involve talking to our classes, making decisions, budgeting, ordering stock and deciding on prices.

Watch this space for an update on our progress.

We took an assembly when we talked about all the things that are done in school to keep us safe.

We took an assembly when we talked about all the things that are done in school to keep us safe. 1

On Tuesday 1st March the School Council interviewed four candidates for the new Foundation teaching post as Mrs Thomas is retiring in July. They did a brilliant job. 

Here are their thoughts about the process.

Paisley - " I was nervous on Tuesday because we interviewed four people. Afterwards, Mrs Johnson and Miss Renshaw asked our opinion on all of the candidates. I would do it again."

Thomas "I really enjoyed the meeting because all of the people were friendly. Mrs Johnson asked our opinion."

Indya "When we interviewed the candidates for the new Reception teacher, we could tell that all of them were nervous, but they took it seriously to say that we were only children."

Louis "I felt quite nervous during the interview but it was very interesting. They were all brilliant candidates. Mrs Johnson wanted to know what we thought."

Teddy " I was nervous at once but when the first lady came I was alright and all the candidates were brilliant."


We are currently planning an assembly which will take place on Thursday March 17th.


The school council met this week and discussed the playground. They are going to ask the classes what kind of new playground markings they would like.

The Council also discussed some up and coming interviews and their role in them.

Thank you very much to all the parents and friends who sent in either completed shoe boxes or things to go in the shoe boxes. It is lovely to think that because of our generosity, children somewhere in the world will have a better Christmas.

Shoe box Appeal

Shoe box Appeal 1

School Council 2015/16

School Council 2015/16 1

Here are our School Council for this academic year. For the first time we have added Year 2 children to our team. This is because it is important for us to get the views of the younger children, especially when we are looking at playground equipment and lunchtime activities.


So far this year we have made some signs asking parents not to smoke around the school gates. Hopefully this will make the few parents who do smoke right outside our school think again. Our children's health is very important.

Currently we are co-ordinating the  Shoe-box appeal. This year we have asked children to bring in empty shoe boxes and gifts to go in them. We are then covering the boxes with Christmas paper and sorting out the gifts. We are struggling though because we have not got enough gifts to go in the boxes.

We are also accepting boxes that have already been filled.

Picture 1 This is our school council

Our school council is the powerful voice of the pupils. They take the concerns and desires of the pupils and turn them into a reality. Through weekly meetings the pupil councillors consider suggestions made on the suggestions board which pupils write on at break times. The school council meet with the school's senior management team and also the governors, they write letters to parents about important issues.


Currently, we are looking at  the results of a Key Stage 2 questionnaire about anti-bullying strategies that are used. We will publish our findings later in the term. Look out for our anti-bullying posters which we have put up around school.

I asked the school Council what the first thing they would do if they were Prime Minister. 

Here are their replies:

Indya " I would give everyone who was homeless a house!"

Louis " I would give a lot of money to charity."

Jessica " I would get more doctors so people do not have to wait for operations."

Kia " I would put prices down so people could afford better things."

Teddy " I'd give hospitals more money."

Mickey " I would give money to poor people."

Kieran " I'd make a massive speech saying thank you for voting for me."

Holly " I would give schools more money."

Lilly "I'd help Children in Need."