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Congratulations to our very first SUPER Crusaders! Awarded July 2017
Picture 1 Holly Burlinson Y6
Picture 2 Kira Proctor Y6
Picture 3 Paige Allen Y6
Picture 4 Indya Marshall-Sussenbach Y6
Picture 5 Melissa Bird Y6
Picture 6
Congratulations to our newest Crusaders- awarded 28th April 2017
Picture 1 Abbie B Y6, Leighton F Y6, Oliver W Y5
Congratulations to our newest Mini-Crusader- awarded on 28th April 2017
Picture 1 Iysha + Connor Y2, Nikola Y1, Francesca + Zack FS2
Congratulations to our newest Crusader- awarded 6th January 2017.
Picture 1 Lily Yates Y3
Congratulations to our newest Mini-Crusaders- awarded on 6th January 2017.
Picture 1 Shaya-Lei Kirby Y1
Picture 2 Riley Byard Y1
Picture 3 Kyle Kirkham Y2
Picture 4 Zack Mellish Y1
Congratulations to our very first Mini Crusaders-awarded 4th November 2016!
Picture 1 Katelyn Stevens Y1
Picture 2 Jessie Swain Y1
Picture 3 Leland Bennett Y2
Picture 4 Lena Dzideczek Y2
Congratulations to our newest Crusaders - awarded 4th November 2016
Picture 1 Paige Brotherhood Y5
Picture 2 Jessica Shickell Y6
Picture 3 Archie Chantry Y6
Picture 4 Harley Cousner Y6
Congratulations to our latest Crusader- Corey Blacknell Y2. Awarded 26.6.15
Picture 1
Picture 1 Crusaders February 2015