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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Mrs Smith, Mrs Miles, Mrs Standring

Here we all are!

Here we all are! 1

We are getting ready for the end of our time at Anthony Bek now. Autograph books are for sale for £3.00 each at the office and can be brought into school for signing during the week beginning July 1st.

We are beginning to think about our leavers Assembly which is on Friday 5th July at 1.30pm. Everyone is very welcome. The content is a closely guarded secret but you will need your tissues!!

Leavers disco is on Thursday 4th July and is free for all Year 6 children. Hopefully it will be an outside one again.

For the children going to Shirebrook, July 5th will be their last official day at our school as they then have 2 weeks at Secondary.

Alton Towers

Alton Towers 1
Alton Towers 2
Alton Towers 3
Alton Towers 4
Alton Towers 5
Alton Towers 6
Alton Towers 7
Alton Towers 8
Alton Towers 9
Alton Towers 10
Alton Towers 11
Alton Towers 12
Alton Towers 13
Alton Towers 14
Alton Towers 15
Alton Towers 16
Alton Towers 17
Alton Towers 18
Alton Towers 19

As I write this we have successfully completed two of our tests - grammar and spelling. The grammar was quite tricky but the children found the spelling easier than they thought.

It has really helped having them in early for breakfast and they have been calm yet anxious as we have started the tests.

Let's hope the rest of the tests go just as well - watch this space!

Super star visitor!!

Super star visitor!! 1 Ida Le Sparkle was a famous film star .
Super star visitor!! 2 She once met Elvis Presley.
Super star visitor!! 3 We asked her about her life.


Power point from the SATs information evening Jan 19

Welcome back!

All the year 6 staff are very much looking forward to seeing the wonderful things we can achieve in your final year at this school. Yes, we will be working hard, but we promise you that we will have lots of fun along the way. We know that you are a very determined, hard - working class and together we will achieve great things!

Curriculum map Autumn 1

Welcome to year 6

Homework letter

Well, we are at the end of a tough week. The children have completed the 2018 SATS and they have all survived! This experience will really help them to realise that SATs are nothing to be worried about. We have a lot of work to do before May but the children's attitude is fantastic.

We look forward to watching their learning and knowledge progress!

Mrs Smith x

This week (September 17th) we have been working on Place Value in our numeracy lessons. Today we have been rounding really big numbers.

In Literacy, we have been learning how to...… how to...…. how to...…. BUILD UP TENSION (just like that!!)


Ask us about Carl Lineaus - he invented the first way of classifying animals.


Look out for some more brilliant work next week.

Love Year 6 xx

Stand up Derbyshire Day in Year 6

Stand up Derbyshire Day in Year 6 1 Maths of the day
Stand up Derbyshire Day in Year 6 2 Stand up Guided reading
Stand up Derbyshire Day in Year 6 3 The start of a story in Literacy
Stand up Derbyshire Day in Year 6 4 The Daily Mile relay

Quiche making

Quiche making 1
Quiche making 2
Quiche making 3
Quiche making 4
Quiche making 5
Quiche making 6
Quiche making 7

Curriculum map - term 2

As part of our Macbeth work this term, we responded to a letter stating that Macbeth is not suitable for children!

Curriculum map term 3

This is proving to be a very busy term for us. Our topic is North America and the children are really enjoying mixing Maths with Geography. We have looked at population statistics, distances across America and average house prices. All these things have given the children chance to practise their using and applying skills in Numeracy.

Our Literacy has consisted of producing a non-chronological report about a state in America. These are on the wall and look fantastic - feel free to pop in and have a look.

Jigsaws with maps on are brilliant!!

Jigsaws with maps on are brilliant!! 1
Jigsaws with maps on are brilliant!! 2
Jigsaws with maps on are brilliant!! 3
Jigsaws with maps on are brilliant!! 4